Wolf Me Down

Hatesex by wolfmedown


A friend of mine (Mr. X) had a crush on this girl for a very long time. He pursued her with reckless abandon: scoring drugs for her, giving her rides around the city etc. However, as is often the case when you bend over backwards for an apple of your cornea, she told him that she wasn’t interested.

When the murk and mist of the situation had dispersed, Mr. X had fortunately accepted that it just wasn’t meant to be. Despite experiencing what must have been some degree of relief, his tranquility soon went rancid and turned to anger once he realized how superfluous the investments he had made were. After a few bitter tirades we concluded that he now despised this girl for the ass that she made out of him. Through it all however, one question remained: “would you still have sex with her?” He thought about it for about five seconds, nodded and said “yeah..to teach her a lesson.”

Don’t get me wrong, I really do not have the credentials to do any sort of analysis on human sexuality but this wire-thin line that separates love and hate is sort of mind-blowing. Take this recent quote from Juelz Santana regarding Sarah Palin:

“I wanna smash her just to wreck the whole McCain thing… It’d look like she was cheating and that’d be all crazy for the White House.”

I have a sincere appreciation for this quote because I thought the exact same thing. The scenario is perfect, Harlem Born rapper fucks naive, Bible-thumping, decently attractive republican. Face it, you cannot thumb through your wank-rolodex and tell me that there’s a scenario more ideal when your looking for that overpowering carnivore sex. The cliche of screwing the mild mannered librarian has gone putrid; use some ethics here, overpowering a meek librarian is very un-PC. Pretty soon the “Palin” will become a stripper caricature: the right-wing moralist will rip her blouse off and produce an apple out of her bra and reward magnanimous tippers with bites from it.

Anyway…thank you Juelz for saying what so many of us have thought.